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Seduced in the Dark (Dark Duet #2) by CJ Roberts


The exciting, titillating, and action-filled conclusion to Captive in the Dark.

What is the price of redemption?

Rescued from sexual slavery by a mysterious Pakistani officer, Caleb carries the weight of a debt that must be paid in blood.

The road has been long and fraught with uncertainty, but for Caleb and Livvie, it’s all coming to an end.

Can he surrender the woman he loves for the sake of vengeance? 

Or will he make the ultimate sacrifice?

It seemed to Caleb, the nature of human beings revolved around one empirical truth: we want what we cannot have. For Eve, it was the fruit of the forbidden tree. For Caleb, it was Livvie.

“Live for me, Kitten. Be all those things you’d never be with me. Go to school. Meet a normal boy and fall in love. Forget me.” 

**Sob, sob, sob, sob** Oh God, just typing those words makes me cry. I fucking loved this book. I love it so much. I can’t believe it’s over. I felt nothing but hollow inside after it was done. Whatever words that I spew out for this review will never do it justice. 

Never had I wanted to laugh, and weep, and fuck, and devour another human being until there was nothing left of him – until we were one person and I could feel peace. ~ Livvie 

First thing I want to mention is that C.J. Roberts is one hell of a writer. The woman has got some mad skills when it comes to story telling. Holy Fuck was this story brilliantly crafted. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Bravo!

This was not an easy read. Far from it. C.J. Roberts did not hold back the punches and I thank God, and C.J., for that. It would not have been the same if she had. This story will strip you bare, leaving you raw, traumatized and vulnerable. I literally hurt. My heart ached and my mind thoroughly fucked. This is not a pretty story. The journey is dark and filled with unimaginable things. You will not be the same when the journey is done.

It seemed to Caleb, the nature of human being revolved around one empirical truth: we want what we cannot have. For Eve, it was the fruit of the forbidden tree. For Caleb, it was Livvie. 

Caleb is one tortured soul. I literally cried when we find out more about his past. It is tremendously heartbreaking. He is damaged, but I don’t care. I love him. I will repeat. I love Caleb. Yes, he can be one rough son of a bitch, but underneath his cruel and tough façade, lies the true him. That despite his violent, brutal and painful past, he is just a man wanting to be accepted and loved. At least that is my theory. He seeks acceptance from Rafiq, the man who freed Caleb from his hell. He owes him everything and will do anything in his power to please him. He has remained loyal to him through everything. Ever since Livvie came into this life, he’s been rethinking this whole revenge thing, but he doesn’t want to disappoint Rafiq. And then of course, there’s Livvie. Caleb has his doubts about her. Livvie acts like she wants to run away with him; to only love him. But isn’t her ultimate goal survival? Because there is no way that a woman like Livvie would ever desire to be with a monster like him…right?

My heart, independent of my logic, had reserved a place for my tormentor and my solace. 

Even after all the mind games, the torment, the heartaches that Caleb dishes out, there is no doubt Livvie is in love with him. Her strong will is the main reason why I love her. She is one of the bravest heroines I’ve ever come across. She constantly pushes Caleb’s buttons, knowing the possible consequences because she believes wholeheartedly that he will do the right thing. Caleb constantly tests her will, trying to push her away, but she is one tough and stubborn woman. Her relationship with Caleb is complex to say the least, but Holy Mother, it is scorching. I want their relationship to work, but after all that’s happened and what’s going to happen, do they have a future?

“The truth is… I wonder if I’m not fucked up, too. I should hate you, Caleb. Now I’ve decided what my fate will be. I should want to kill you. I don’t. I can’t imagine never having known you.” 

This series has completely blown me away. Like Livvie, my emotions were everywhere. I was so conflicted. Did I enjoy my mind being fucked and toyed with? Yes. Absolutely 100%, YES. If that makes me fucked up, so be it. I’m proud of it. Because of this series, I’ve learned that my tolerance to unique tales is limitless. My mind is free and open to explore new things. I feel liberated and I feel phenomenal. Thank you, C.J. You are one amazing writer and I look forward to all of your future works.

The Angel (Original Sinners #2) by Tiffany Reisz

No safe word can protect the heart

Infamous erotica author and accomplished dominatrix Nora Sutherlin is doing something utterly out of character: hiding. While her longtime lover, Søren—whose fetishes, if exposed, would be his ruin—is under scrutiny pending a major promotion, Nora's lying low and away from temptation in the lap of luxury.

Her host, the wealthy and uninhibited Griffin Fiske, is thrilled to have Nora stay at his country estate, especially once he meets her traveling companion. Young, inexperienced and angelically beautiful, Michael has become Nora's protégé, and this summer with Griffin is going to be his training, where the hazing never ends.

But while her flesh is willing, Nora's mind is wandering. To thoughts of Søren, her master, under investigation by a journalist with an ax to grind. And to another man from Nora's past, whose hold on her is less bruising, but whose secrets are no less painful. It's a summer that will prove the old adage: love hurts.
Five++ Enormously Dark & Sinful Stars

**Warning: There might be spoilers in this review. Please do not read this until you’ve read the Siren (The Original Sinners #1)**

♥♥ Many Waters ♥♥
Many waters cannot quench love, Nor will rivers overflow it. ~ Song of Solomon 8:7 

As I was reading this, I thought about how I haven’t gone to confession in years, not since I attended an all girls Catholic High School. Then as the story progressed, I was thoroughly immersed in this world. I started to form bonds with all the key characters. I fell in love with Nora and her world full of beautiful men. I loved living in her world where even the most perverse thoughts and actions were okay to think about. Certain images formed in my mind and then, finally, I said, “I think it’s high time to go to confession.”

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners…

After I read the Siren, my world was turned upside down. I knew my tastes in books can run on the darker side, and I loved the majority of them. I read many stories that delve into subjects that went beyond my comfort level, but yet, I found myself enjoying immensely because the story was just that amazing. This sequel was just another part of this amazing, dark and sinfully delicious series. 

Jeg elsker dig. Due r mit hjerte. I love you, You are my heart.

Love has so many interpretations in this series. There are so many relationships formed in this book. Nora and Soren’s relationship is, of course, intensely raw and greatly misunderstood (Nora, are you proud of all the adverbs so far in my review? lol). To me, book one only skimmed the surface of their relationship. Here, their story was discussed a little more and I found myself starting to understand their bond. Their relationship is unconventional, to say the least, but we cannot help who we love. 

Then we have Griffin and Michael. My. God. I loved these two so f**king much. They complimented each other and they formed the sweetest, most affectionate bond imaginable. Griffin is just insanely sexy and I confess, I wouldn’t have minded a piece of that. LOL. He made me laugh and I just enjoyed his character immensely. And Michael. Oh, Michael, you poor damaged boy. I’m so excited that you found someone who will appreciate the wonderful man you’ve become and who will give you the type of love you need. Love these two ♥♥

Lastly, and certainly not least, there is my ♥♥♥♥Wesley♥♥♥♥. I give my whole hearted thanks to the Lord above, and Mistress Reisz of course, that he’s still as wonderful and sweet as ever. Like Nora, I’ve found myself so attached and so in love with him. There’s just something about his charm and innocence that makes him so desirable. God, I love him SO much. I’m so uber excited that the next book will be his story (well at least I hope it is anyway). Possibly bound and blindfolded. Hello I’m smiling from ear to ear just thinking about him.! Whoa. Did I just say that? Whoops. My bad. 

I feel like I’ve said so much already, but I haven’t even begun to dive into what went on in the book without giving anything away. Just know that the story did not disappoint what-so-ever. I was thrilled to have been given a chance to read it prior to the release date, but now I’m left hanging until the Prince comes out. I absolutely love this series and highly recommend it to those looking for a great story. This world where Nora resides is one where we can easily immerse ourselves in an alternate world where our deepest fantasies and desires are okay to admit. Come in with an open mind and open heart and you will not be disappointed. 

Thank you Harlequin Publishing for giving me the opportunity to read this fantastic and brilliant novel before its release. OMG, I just LOVED this installment!!!!

Unmaking Hunter Kennedy by Anne Eliot

After a car accident--an event he considers a prank gone bad--pop star, Hunter Kennedy is forced to hide out with his aunt in small-town Colorado. He’s supposed to rest, heal his scars and attend high school in disguise until the press dies down. But he only wants to get back to work.

Worse, the girl who’s been assigned to make him over into a geek is a major geek herself. Vere Roth is a chattering pixie, a blushing tornado and a complete social disaster. He’s never met a girl who’s never-been-kissed, believes in romance and thinks Hunter’s a 'nice' guy.

Funny thing is...Hunter is nice around Vere because she’s his first real friend. He also can’t seem to stop sharing his secrets or keep her out of his heart. Knowing he’d never deserve a girl as sweet as Vere, he resigns himself to the friend zone, and helps his new bestie with her own makeover. 

She tortures him daily for ridiculous guy advice on how to snag her life-long crush. A guy Hunter thinks is totally wrong for Vere, and sadly, one who has taken note of Vere’s transformation.

When Vere asks her best friend for some kissing advice, Hunter can’t resist...

And that’s when things get out of control...

High School Romance, first love, sweet romance.
4.5-4.75 A++ Stars!

Cheekbones and muscles and…are boys allowed to be this beautiful? 

I’m a huge fan of this author…like HUGE. After I read Almost, and fell completely in love with the story and the writing, I was going to read anything this author put out. So when I saw this was going to be her next story, I was beyond excited. How could I not? Celebrity boy band singer meets and falls for an adorable, cute and geeky girl. Oh yea, I was all over this on release day :)

Girl was cute with that pink face.
“Would you stop?” She shifted her feet.
He went for honesty again. “I’ll try but, your cheeks! Makes you look like a little gnome.” 

There is no doubt that Vere is one shy girl, especially when it comes to her longtime crush, Curtis Wishford. He is her brother’s best friend and has been crushing on him forever. She has the tendency to blush beet red whenever he’s around and goes completely clams up when he tries to talk to her. Not to mention the incident that happened between that left her with quite a reputation. Poor Vere, she just can’t catch a break. Will she ever get over her shyness?

“I’m Hunter Kennedy. Some of this you know already, some you don’t. I’m a guy who was so lost and depressed that I freaked out and tried to hurt myself because I felt so down.” 

Hunter Kennedy, a seventeen year old heartthrob, is part of the boy band, GuardeRobe. Even though he has everything, he feels nothing but emptiness and loneliness. The fame, the money, the girls, could not cure him of his depression. He’s got no one to turn to; not even his own mother. One day, Hunter’s depression goes to the extreme and he almost commits suicide. Not knowing what to do, his mother sends him to Colorado to live with his Aunt after he is released from a residential home for treatment. The plan is for Hunter to go incognito, rest and be away from the limelight. He is not a fan of this plan. All he wants is to go back to work with his band, but he feels like he owes his mother for his “stunt.” So off to Colorado he goes. 

“I know, of course, you’re a person and all that. But to me, I’m determined to think you’re a fake guy, Dustin McHugh.” ~ Vere 

When he reaches Colorado, he meets Vere and her family. They live next door to his Aunt. Vere and her brother, Charlie, are enlisted to help Hunter blend in. Considering Hunter’s high profile persona and extreme good looks, it’s going to be hard to hide him. So Vere helps him become Dustin McHugh, Hunter’s dorky alter ego. Vere does everything she can to conceal Hunter’sassets. Take Hunter and add dorky clothes, a retainer, hat and glasses that darken in the sunlight, plus a lisp, and you’ve got Dustin. He is the anti-Hunter. No one recognizes him. As Dustin, Hunter begins to feel liberated. He no longer has to worry about paparazzi or a horde of screaming girls. He can just be. To top it all off, Vere has designated him as her BGF: Best Guy Friend. For some reason, Vere doesn’t get all weird and stuttery around Hunter. This is wonderful! She can practice being normal around guys with the help of Hunter. They soon become very close friends.

The twisting pain in my chest, or the strange way I feel like I suddenly can’t breathe without you helping me? ~ Hunter (inner monologue) 

Hunter has never felt this way about anyone before. Vere and her friendship have meant the world to him. For some reason, making Vere happy makes him happy. He can’t believe that she doesn’t know how wonderful she truly is. She’s sweet, kind, loyal and is truly a beautiful person, inside and out. 

The girl can make pie from scratch. And she comes over to hang out with Aunt Nan so they can watch TV and knit? KNIT. She’s actually making me a hat! Who does that kind of granny stuff?
The cutest girl in the world, that’s who. 

I just flat out loved Vere. I can totally see myself being friends with her and her BFF, Jenna. As for Hunter, well, he was just an amazing character. I really felt for his character and was so happy he found a friend and kindred spirit in Vere. She completely blindsided him with her sweet and caring persona. With her at his side, he felt like he could do anything. He was able to smile and laugh and just be himself because for once in his life, no one was using him for anything. However, when Vere asks him to help her with winning Curtis’ affection, Hunter begins to feel trapped. 

He knew, without a doubt that he wanted her, but it wasn’t his usual understandable, physical kind of want. He wanted what he couldn’t have. He wanted her to be his, as in, his girlfriend. He wanted the right to love her. 

Anne Eliot is a fantastic writer. The pace of the story was a little slow in the beginning, but eventually picked up. She really does her best to develop her characters so that the readers can better understand them. The switching of POV between Hunter and Vere were flawless. You can really get into their characters. She makes them so relatable that you have no choice but to love and care for them. Just amazing writing. I will read everything that this author puts out. This is a very clean YA story that I think teens and adults will just love. I just wish there was a little epilogue at the end, but that’s just me wanting more. I’m just greedy that way. Loved it!!