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Reasons I fell for the Funny Fat Friend by Becca Ann

It’s stupid to fall for your brother’s ex. It’s even worse to enlist another’s help to win the ex over. But Brody is desperate and Hayley, his partner in American Sign Language, is more than willing to lend him a few tips. 

She’s the school’s matchmaker,’ and with her bizarre and positive personality, Brody finds her easy to talk to, even about the most awkward situations. Hayley’s tips seem to be working, but as Brody learns more about his matchmaker, he starts finding reasons to spend time with her, and not the girl he thought he was in love with. 

But Hayley isn’t ready to fall for anyone. Labeled the “Funny Fat Friend” within her group, her self image makes it impossible for Brody to share his feelings without Hayley shrugging it off as a joke. 

Convincing her Brody can, and did, fall for the “Funny Fat Friend” turns out to be harder than simply falling in love.

Written by Cassie Mae under the pen name Becca Ann

Four Stars

How could I want anyone else? She’s amazing, that girl. Damn sexy, funny, and just knows how to make me feel…all that crap you’re suppose to feel when you’re with the girl you just have to be around.
I need her.
No. I crave her. 

First off, do not get let the not so great title of this book steer you away. If I can be honest, it almost made me not want to read this book. The cover is cute and I really like it, but the title? Not so much. I hate that word: Fat. I’ve always had a complex about it, but I’m sure a lot of girls do. When do we women ever think we are ever skinny enough? lol. Exactly! However, I am a sucker for stories where the not so typical skinny minnies get the hot guy, so of course I had to read it. I’m very glad I did, too :)

“I’m not exactly Miss Size Zero.”
“I’m what they call the FFF.”
“The Funny Fat Friend.” 

Hayley has always been the FFF. She’s also the friend that guys go through to get to the girl they actually want. Kind of like the matchmaker, per se. She’s set up a lot of her friends this way. She’s always felt that this was her role: The inevitable matchmaker. So when she notices her American Sign Language friend, Brody, always constantly swooning at his brother’s ex-girlfriend, Quynn, she offers her help. 

I take a deep breath and grab her hand. I’m not going to let her shake me off this time. “I like you, alright? I want to date you not out of pity, but because I…I needto. Hayles, I can’t get you off my mind.” 

Brody didn’t know what he signed up for when he takes Hayley’s offer to help him win Quynn’s heart. Brody has always been infatuated with his brother’s ex. She’s every guys’ dream: Blonde, skinny, friendly and popular. However, the more time he spends with Hayley, the more he likes her. He’s never thought of her as fat or ugly. As a matter of fact, Brody thinks Hayley is beautiful, inside and out. She makes him laugh, and just feels naturally comfortable around her. The quirky little thinks she does drive him crazy. Who knew this girl would turn his life upside down? 

I’m not going to stop until she tells me to stop. I love her. And I want to have one of my firsts with her too. 

It takes Hayley forever to believe a guy like Brody would be interested in a girl like her. Brody tries to send the right signals, but it literally goes over her head and/or she just ignores it. However, when she does let him in, it was one of those moments where I couldn’t stop grinning. I was so flipping happy, it was ridiculous. 

Just pure Awesomesauce! 

This is another one of those impromptu reads that I just needed. Just an FYI, this is strictly YA. Not too much hanky panky going around, but there was a little. Let’s just say that it was enough to make me swoon. However, I did find the clean language a little too clean. The stuff that came out of Hayley’s mouth were a bit on the very cheesy, clean side, but then again, I have a sailor mouth so the lack of dirty talk made me a bit uncomfortable. LOL! Yea. I know…I have issues. Fuck. Shit. Damn. I mean, is it really that hard to say? LOL! 

Whoops! There I go, rambling again. My bad. LOL. Anyway, I LOVED the fact that the story was told in Brody’s POV. I love getting into the guy’s head. Its so cute how he struggled to come to the obvious conclusion. He’s just a sweetheart. 

The relationship between Brody and Hayley matures at a nice rate; nothing was ever rushed. Sometimes, I wished it moved a slight bit faster, but meh! I was still all good with the results ;) This was such a fast, predictable and enjoyable read and would recommend it to anyone looking for a very good, very cute and clean YA story. 

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