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Blind Faith by Kimberley Reeves

Serena was only fifteen when four teenage boys dragged her inside a cold, dark cave and robbed her of her innocence. Though her phobia of men and the loss of her eye sight are constant reminders it happened, Serena has no memory of the brutal attack. Now at age twenty-two, she is ready to conquer her fears and lets an old high school friend rent out the upper floor of her house. Can Will Duncan help cure Serena's insecurities or will the secrets he harbors about that night shatter her faith in men forever?
3.5 Stars

“What do you feel, Serena?”
“Your heart,” she squeezed out, “it…it’s racing.”
“Because of you.” 

This was another sporadic read for me. It was a freebie on Amazon a couple days ago and the blurb just intrigued me. Plus I found the cover to be very hauntingly beautiful, too; as it turns out, the story was very similar. There were so many things I enjoyed about this story. The Hero, Will, is AMAZING. He’s patient, loving, sweet and has loved our heroine, Serena since she was fourteen years old. He’s never forgiven himself for what happened to her. Seven years later, he has been given a chance to, not only be there for her, but to love her as well. 

“It’s simple really. If the voices only come after I kiss you, then the only logical solution is to never stop.” ~ Will 

Serena was brutally attacked and raped at only fourteen years old. The traumatic experience left her blind and without any recollection of the event itself. Her family has been overbearing since the attack and she has had enough. She finally has the courage to move out and be on her own. With the support of her Aunt, Serena gets her chance. To her surprise, her new roommate to be is none other than her high school crush, and her brothers’ best friend, Will Duncan. 

Slowly with Will’s help, she is starting to live. Her trust in men is one big hurdle for Will to overcome, but he is a patient man and he wants nothing but to be a part of Serena’s life. The only person hindering her progress is her older sister, McKinley. I’m going to take my opportunity right now and say McKinley is one wicked Bitch (with a Capital B). I’ve never met such a selfish, manipulative, cold-hearted villain, ever! Ugh I fucking hated her. Not only does she want Will for herself, but wants to stop him from helping Serena remember what happened the night of the attack. What is she hiding from her? And what role did Will play that night? 

This is where the running stops, she told herself. This is where your life begins. 

When Serena finally gives Will a chance, my heart just melted. Will is wonderful and he only had Serena’s best interest at heart. I LOVE him. As for McKinley, she is one Grade A Bitch. I cannot say that enough. As much as I enjoyed the story, the ending was kinda too abrupt for me. I felt like justice could’ve been given. Call me vengeful, but after I found out what role McKinley played in her sister’s rape, I wanted her head to roll! That was kind of disappointing. Aside from that, it was pretty good, emotional read. 

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