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Diamond Girl (G-Man #1) by Andrea Smith

The fall of 2011 finds thirty-five year old Samantha Dennison sending her only child off to college and generally feeling F-R-U-M-P-Y. Her loveless marriage to 'the mannequin' has become intolerable; her daughter and best friend have both advised 'Sammie' to get a life of her own. Her husband has his own agenda which does not include her.

Sammie finally heeds their advice and starts with a Kickboxing/Pilates class; ultimately, learning to pole dance. From there, she is well on her way to finally carving out a secret life and identity all of her own. The thrill of the dance and sexuality she discovers within herself is a potent mixture. She gets a part-time job as a dancer in an Indianapolis Gentleman's Club called Jewels. She becomes the dancer known as 'Diamond' and very quickly catches the attention of a 'bad-boy' biker named 'Slate.'

Slate is the ultimate 'alpha' male; however there is a problem: he simply wants it to be about exclusive sex; Sammie wants and needs more from Slate. Sammie is certain that she has embarked on a dangerous, cougar-type relationship with the twenty-something biker and 'prospect' member of the notorious Outlaw Motorcycle Club. She soon finds out that she is totally out of her league with Slate and the dangerous people he associates with in Indianapolis during the summer of 2012. Something big is brewing in Indy; it ain't about race cars either.

'Diamond Girl' will keep the reader on the edge of their seat from beginning to end; this book has it all: passion, erotica, romance, danger and possibly more...much more.

Four Stars

I was visualized as a daughter; a wife; a mother; a best friend by those people in my life, but I had no clue as to how I viewed myself as a person. I had never bothered to carve out an identity for myself. 

When I first read the description of this book, I knew I had to have it. Not only does the story involve an older woman and a younger man, which if you know me, I love, but words likeUltimate Alpha Male & Bad-boy Biker, got me hook, line and sinker. Oh like you could resist, too. 

So we have Sammie (a.k.a. Sunny) a housewife, who is fed up with her husband’s neglectful behavior. Not only that, but we immediately suspect that he’s also a cheating rat bastard as well. Forced to marry young because she became a pregnant teen, there wasn’t really a lot love in their marriage. I won’t go much into detail regarding her husband Jack, but let me just say he is a Grade A – Asshole. And cheat. And liar. And an all around scoundrel. You get the idea. 

Anyway, now that Sammie’s daughter is off to college, she feels the need to do something for herself. She starts working out, taking Pilates, kickboxing and even pole dancing. Sammie is beautiful woman and a friend suggests that she try pole dancing as a part time job. Knowing her husband travels a lot for work, she reluctantly agrees to try, but later turns out that she really enjoys it. As Diamond she feels free and liberated. It’s during her work is where she meets Bad Biker Boy, Slate. 

“Did we make love today, Slate?”
“We fucked baby. That is what you and I do. We fuck. And today we did it damn well.” 

Slate is a Prospect for the Outlaws MC. Although he was about nine to ten years younger, the age difference between Slate and Sunny never really became an issue. Slate wanted Sunny, and vise versa. Sex with Slate was unlike she has ever experienced, but unfortunately that’s all Slate wants. Their relationship is strictly sexual. Neither really knew anything about each other. For all Slate knew, Sunny is married to an asshole trucker and lives in a trailer. He has no idea how far off he really is. However, when Sunny’s alternate life collides with her real life, things start to get real interesting. Believe it or not, both of Sunny’s lives are actually entwined. Shit is about to hit the fan when she finds out Slate isn’t really who she thought he is. Plus more complications arise between the two that threaten to comprise their situation

“Slate,” I said softly, “Can’t you let me be the judge of that? I can’t fuck you and not love you; I’m sorry, that is just the way that I am.” 
“Jesus Christ, Sunny,” he hissed, “I’m not that person; I’m sorry.” 

This story was actually more than I expected. It was hot and erotic, but it also had an actual story. There was something brewing in the background. Things were not what they seemed to be. There was even a little bit of mystery and suspense woven into it. This was definitely more than a typical Bad Biker Alpha tale. The heroine’s decision to enter such a life is a little far fetched, but it didn’t bother me since the story turned out to be quite entertaining. Since this is book one of the G-Man series, I’m going to assume there will be more to look forward to.

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