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Never Have I Ever by August Clearwing

Astrophysicist-in-training Piper Minogue has a lot of control over her day-to-day life. Between completing a Master’s degree at Caltech and beginning her fruitful career at a local observatory she has little time for socializing. Until she attends one specific party that is. There, Piper is introduced to a drinking game called Never Have I Ever, and she finds herself admitting to a secret fantasy which challenges her friends’ views of her otherwise prudish nature. Her confession piques the interest of one man in particular, Noah; a handsome stranger with a darkly boyish charm. The resulting spiral of rapture and torture that follows is threatened by the demons of both their pasts. Piper's inability to give her heart to anyone, and Noah's guilt over the death of his former lover claw to the surface to tear Piper away from not only the one man who has ever made her feel like she does not have to be in control of her desires, but also the newly collected list of Nevers they both want to turn into reality. *Contains strong BDSM themes*
3.75-4 Stars

"It isn't about the violation. It's about letting go. It's about losing control and letting someone else tell you what to do for a while." 

**Deep breath**


I decided to pick this book up because, not only was it free, but I was in the mood for something different. I haven’t read a BDSM book in a while and the blurb of this story did intrigue me. So here I am, in the aftermath of it all. This is my one and only warning to you potential readers: This is NOT an easy read and NOT for everyone. Though this isn’t as dark as some dark erotica I’ve previously read, a couple scenes were pretty tough to read. So fair warning.

“I want to be taken. Hard. I don’t want to have the choice. I just want you to show up, grab me, tease the ever loving hell out of me, call me terrible names to make submit and use my body to enjoy yourself.” ~ Piper 

People would probably consider Piper to be prudish and uptight. As an Astrophysicist, it’s kind of a given that she’s smart, bookish and has a good head on her shoulders. So when playing a game ofNever Have I Ever, Piper actually admits to having certain fantasy: A fantasy that no prudish, uptight woman like her should be having. With her admission, she catches the attention of Noah Wellington. 

There was a virile nature to just being taken and used which struck a chord someplace deep inside. And in that moment I wanted nothing more than to please him, Noah, the man I barely knew. 

Noah sees a potential submissive in Piper. He wants nothing more than to make her fantasies come true. Piper and Noah start their relationship with a force. No worries, their relationship was consensual on both parties. Their sexual relationship is intense and very erotic. Piper is willing to be as open as Noah wants her to be and he constantly tests her boundaries. But there’s a part of Noah pasts that still haunts him. He doesn’t do relationships, but with Piper, he’s finding it hard to stop. In fact, he’s very afraid of losing Piper when she finds out. 

“You can do anything you want to me and I will accept it gladly because, as long as you want me, I belong to you.” ~Piper 

The beginning was a little on the slow side, but once Noah enters the picture, things start to heat up pretty fast. But like all relationships, there are roadblocks. One: Noah’s past. And, two: Noah’s brother, Ethan. OMG. Ethan. He is vile, cruel and evil. I tried to find some good in him, but in the end, what he did was beyond unforgivable. He is certifiably nuts. Just sayin. 

All in all, this story is different from your typical BDSM/Master/Submissive stories. It had some twists that I didn’t see coming which made me want to finish the story. As for Noah, he is a lot to take in. He is a good guy in the grand scheme of things and it was nice to see him and Piper have a nice ending, especially after the incident **shivers**. Seriously. Heed my warning in the beginning before diving in. In the end, I thought it was a worthwhile read. 

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