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Love Thy Neighbour (Friend-Zoned #2) by Belle Aurora

Asher 'Ghost' Collins and Natalie Kovac shared a passionate night together. One neither of them can forget.

So why is it so hard for them to be around each other?

With no hope of the two getting along they decide to go their separate ways. And somehow end up closer than they've ever been.

Will friendship ever be enough for the pair?

4.5 Stars

“Say it, baby.”
It dawns on me and with a small smile, I tell him sincerely, “I love you, Asher Collins.”
Looking pained, he closes his eyes and rests his forehead on mine. He whispers, “Don’t deserve you. Not even a bit. But as long as you want me, you got me.”
My eyes close and I whisper, “Don’t leave me. Ever.”
“Never. You’re my girl,” 

The first book in the series, Friend-Zoned, was so much fun to read, so I was beyond excited when this book came out early. Not sure if it’s the writing style, the characters, or if it’s the duel POVs, but then again, it could be the combination of everything that’s making me a huge fan of this series. Once again, I found pure reading enjoyment :)

This is Nat and Asher’s (a.k.a. Ghost) story. Both characters were prominent in book one, where we bore witness to their constant bantering; their strong personalities constantly clashing. It’s safe to say that these two are very similar in attitude, which is NOT a good thing...trust me. However, that did not stop them from hooking up in the conference room one night; a night that neither could ever get over. 

"I get a sick, twisted sense of enjoyment seeing her all riled up.” 

After their one, hot, steamy, memorable night in the conference room, they try to avoid each other like the plague. Their circle of friends, with the exception of Tina, know nothing of their moment of weakness that one night. Its quite well known that the two do not get along.

Nat is a freaking spitfire; I was immediately drawn to her character. She’s confident, strong, and has a tell-it-like-it-ispersona. After reading the first chapter, I knew instantly she deserved to be in my heroine makes me want to turn bi shelf. LOL! 

I feel strongly for her. Stronger than I’ve ever felt for anyone in my life and knowing she’s mine makes me feel like I can do anything. Overcome anything. 

As for Asher, he’s sexy, badass and has a quiet dangerous quality about him. He does NOT do relationships. He’s led a harsh life and if it wasn’t for the help of Nik and his family, he could’ve turned out even worse. Nat is his dream girl; a girl in which he feels like he doesn’t deserve. 

Months after their encounter and of avoiding each other, they found themselves surprised when Nat moves right next door to him. They decide to call a truce. Their friendship soon turns into something more, though they both decide to keep their relationship a secret. For now, at least, they want this for themselves. But how long will this arrangement last? Will Asher be able to overcome his past to be the man Nat deserves?

One side of his mouth quirks up, he lowers his forehead to mine and he quotes me, “You and me. We’re the same kind.” 

Loved. This. Book. The relationship between Asher and Nat was not only hot, but also very emotional. They just get each other. But it wasn’t all drama, though. I found myself smiling, a lot. Yep, lots and lots of funny and amusing moments.

I can’t wait to read Max & Helena’s book next. Max is so awesome. He’s a loving father and just an overall sweetheart. For him to be paired up with Nat’s sister, Helena, whose studying to be a physical therapist, is a perfect match; I can only imagine what kind of magic she can do with Max’s daughter, Ceecee. Plus, she’s Nat’s sister! If Asher wasn’t in the picture, Nat and Max would’ve been a great match. OMG. I can go on and on about this series. Just read it! It’ll make you smile :)

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