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Release Day #Review ~ His Forbidden Lady by Nicola Davidson

Title: His Forbidden Lady
Author: Nicola Davidson
Genre: Historical Romance
Novella-80 pages
Published: August 11, 2014
Publisher: Entangled PublishingScandalous Imprint

Tudor England, 1542
 When beautiful widow Lady Annabelle Benton-Hayes is ordered to court, she is terrified. Henry VIII desires a sixth queen for his bloodstained throne, and her scheming family cares not for her wishes. Annabelle yearns for love, but there is no escaping her fate: escorting her is Rafe de Vere, the man who abandoned her to become England's most loyal and brutally successful soldier. Rafe is utterly weary of war and its impossible demands. Thankfully, his final task is the easiest: accompany a wellborn lady to London for Henry's perusal. Until he discovers she is Annabelle, the woman who swore to wait for him but married another. Rafe isn't permitted to care, yet time hasn't dulled their sizzling attraction and his orders are increasingly difficult to obey. To love her, he would have to risk all and cross his king to secure the ultimate prize - Annabelle's heart. A Scandalous Novella

Read an excerpt HERE.

Four Stars

I really liked this historical-romance novella a lot. I have a fascination with this time and place, which is England in 1542. Henry VIII had lost his beloved queen, Jane Seymour, and he is now entertaining options for another wife. He summons the Lady Annabelle Benton-Hayes to court. Sweet tension quickly arises when Rafe de Vere, the soldier sent to take her to His Majesty, also happens to be the very man she loved before he went away to war.

This is a short tale of the forbidden kind of love. It’s established right away what had happened with Annabelle and Rafe while they were away from each other’s presence and what they long for in their lives. I adored them so much that it made me cheer them on for their second chance from the very beginning; however, because of the situation, the possibility of them together may never be.

I think Nicola Davidson captured Henry VIII’s mercurial temperament perfectly! His mood is so hot and cold, but she even made me feel a little sorry for the guy. I loved the character of Gerda and her unexpected candor. This story is short, sweet, and steamy with heart-pounding twists. I’ll definitely check out Ms. Davidson’s future stories!

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About the author:
I worked for many years in media and local government, but haven't looked back since deciding writing wicked, Regency and Tudor-set historical romance was infinitely more fun! 

When not chained to my computer, I can be found ambling along one of New Zealand's beautiful beaches, belting out 80's power ballads or cheering on the champion All Blacks rugby team. If these activities include chocolate - even better!

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