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#Review ~ One to Love (One to Hold #4) by Tia Louise

Tattoos, bad boys, love...
Boxing, fame, fortune…

It’s the one thing Kenny and Slayde have in common. Until the night Fate throws them together and everything changes.

Their chemistry is undeniable, their love blazing hot, but is history destined to repeat itself?

It’s a story about fighting. It’s about falling in love. It’s about losing everything only to find it again in the least likely place. And it's about the one hit you never see coming.

A STAND-ALONE, ONE TO HOLD NOVEL. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Everywhere Oct. 9!

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: ALL books in the "One to Hold" series are stand-alone romances. The suggested reading order is One to Hold, One to Protect, One to Keep, One to Love
You know, I never thought that I would love a hero as much as Tia made me love Derek, but honestly, Slayde is running a VERY close second!! Both Slayde and Kenny have am amazing story to tell and I hope every one of you enjoy it. I am going to spout a little review and opinions about this story, like I usually do, so I hope you all enjoy! :)

"True love destroys fear. I covers sin. It's stronger than any human emotion."

(that was my absolute favorite line in this book, btw)

When Slayde settles in a town where no one knows him he thinks this is his chance to start over. He never expected to meet Kenny. Their chemistry is explosive and undeniable. When Slayde starts work at the gym Kenny is a trainer at there is really no way they can stay away from each other, and hell, Kenny doesn't want to! She wants this man BAD - now if you haven't ready the other books in the series, you really MUST, but I don't want to give to much back story away by saying things I shouldn't - bear with me :)But that said, for those of you who have been reading all along we get to spend some time with Mel & Derek and Patrick & Elaine and sweet little Lane as well!

Anyway, where was I, oh yes - Kenny wants Slayde and after fighting it briefly, Slayde can't deny how much he wants Kenny as well. They start to spend time together and get to know each other - and by this, yes I mean hot, sweaty, steamy SEX, and lots of it! However, Slayde has a past and a secret that he REALLY needs to come clean about. However before he can, my beautiful hunk of man-meat Derek, not so gracefully spills the beans - and all hell breaks loose!

If the ocean was my living room, she was my sun and moon.~Slayde

Seriously, maybe I'm loosing my touch or maybe Tia is just that good but I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!! I loved it - I love when an author can shock and surprise me!!

No worries though darlings, there is a HEA waiting for you at the end of the great story so go on and enjoy!

**This book was provided to me as an ARC by the wonderful Ms.Tia Louise and I love her for it!! xo


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    1. <3 Thanks for stopping by, Tia! Congrats on this release!