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Review ~ The Falcon Club: Falling for him (Book One) by Amy Stephens

The Falcon Club:
Falling for Him (Book 1)

Erica Kennedy was excited about starting her freshman year of college at State University with her best friend Monica. Out of the blue, her parents surprised everyone with a divorce that quickly turned nasty and she was forced to change all of her plans for the fall. Now, no longer attending State, Erica enrolls in Bishop University, a local four-year school geared more for older, working adults and those serving in the military at the nearby Air Force Base.

Being one of the younger students, Erica feels out of place. With two of her classes actually being on the military base, she’s even more uncertain because the classes there are filled with good looking military men along with another interesting group who wear gray jumpsuits bearing the name The Falcon Club.

One guy in particular, Jaime, catches her attention and she can’t resist the urge to find out more about him.
Not sure if it’s luck or just coincidence, Erica is placed in a study group with Jaime and the mystery behind his gray jumpsuit becomes even more intriguing as does her attraction to him. What she thought was just an elite military group turns out to be so much more.

In discovering the truth, can she stop herself from falling even more for him or will she take her chances and risk everything for a relationship with him?
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After reading the synopsis I could not pass up the opportunity to read this book. I was intrigued, the whole girl meets boy involving University, Military and mysterious grey jumpsuits???

Erica is a 19 year old girl who thought she had her life mapped out, she would graduate from high school senior year, be attending university with her best friend Monica, they even found a cute little apartment to share… Everything was perfect until her parents announced they would be getting a divorce and her college fund was now gone due to lawyer fees!

She would now be attending Bishop University, fees were cheaper YES, she would also be living close to home to save on rent, but it was not the university she had in mind. It was filled with students that were older either already in the workforce or studying to better their career. Also Erica was also not happy to learn that she would be travelling across town to attend 2 of her classes on the Military Base!

It was here that she would meet 32 year old Jamie, slicked back dark hair, deep dark chocolate eyes, broad shoulders and bulging upper arms and wearing a grey jumpsuit that fitted his body perfectly in all the right places. There of course was an instant attraction between Erica and Jamie! Erica needed to know more about this mysterious man who sat next to here in the grey jumpsuit with some kind of symbol and “Falcon Club” written on his pocket… Was it a fraternity or some sort of program? Or was it related to the Military?

Erica and Jamie we put into the same group to work on a class assignment, here they are able to spend more time together and the intense flirting begins! Even though Erica is trying to get closer, Jamie is trying to keep her at a distance because in his eyes Erica can do better and deserves better than him. What will happen after Jamie graduates and moves back to Miami with his family? Will Erica follow her heart? Will Jamie want her, or will he try to protect her from his past?

“Erica” He whispered my name. “It was never my intention to hurt you, not ever. I’m sorry. I’m just so scared. My life. Your life. This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

This book has it all, romance, intensity, mystery, there are a quit few hot and steamy foreplay scenes that lead up to a point where they can no longer hold back! And of course the cliffhanger, what will happen with Erica and Jamie? We will find out with book 2 The Falcon Club: Falling For Her, told from Jamie’s point of view. 

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