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Review ~ Dirty Ugly Toy by K. Webster

Her time is over.
Things are looking up.

She’s dirty and ugly.
He’s wicked but handsome.

Six months to toy with her.
Six months of vacation and a ton of money.

I’ll hurt her beyond repair.
I’ve been through much worse.

She's difficult to control and doesn't obey.
I'm done submitting to anyone or anything in this life.

I should hate her.
I should hate him.

The game has changed.
I will win.

Dirty Ugly Toy is a novel that blurs the lines of right and wrong, deals with abuse, contains dubious consent, and adult subject matter. If you are sensitive to violent sexual situations, the book may not be suitable for you. Some parts of this book are not easy to read and are not intended for everyone. However, those that keep an open mind and stick with it will not be disappointed.


Anything worth having turns you upside down and shakes you until you can't see straight anymore.

Say hello to my first Crack Book of 2016. This story was so enthralling; I fucking devoured it. It was a bit twisted, but for a dark romance lover like me it called to me immediately. I honestly couldn’t find any fault in it. The flow of the story was smooth – no slow or boring bits at all. It was dark & oh so sexy. But what made this story incredible were the Hero & heroine. They were a match in every possible twisted way.

I could warn her but I want her to drown in my release. I want it to take her by surprise and it shoot out of her nose. Hell, I like it if she choked and then vomited from it.
I'm a sick bastard.

Braxton Kennedy is indeed a sick bastard. He plucks broken women off the streets and breaks them further when he turns them into his toys. After they sign his six-month contract to submit to him, he cleans them, dresses them, punishes them with pain/pleasure and ultimately screws with their mind and hearts. He never keeps his toys and after six months disposes of them properly. He loves control and loves watching his toys break.

He might dominate my body but he'll never own my mind.
With a lift of my chin and a sweet smile, I say with a southern drawl, "Do your worst, handsome. I'm not afraid."

Jessica “Bunny” Rabbit’s life is at her lowest when Braxton propositions her. She’s an addict living on the streets of London, willing to do anything to get her next fix. With an understanding that she will receive a large sum of money, and possibly more heroin, she accepts Braxton’s offer. Submit to him for six months. How hard could it be? It couldn’t be any worse than what’s she’s endured in her past now could it?

He's every bit of a warring devil and angel, all wrapped up into one human.
I want to open him up.
To learn about what makes him the way he is.
I want to see more of his smiles. Hear his laugh. Be the object of his affection.
Yet, I also want to feel my hair tangled in his fist. I want him to fuck me and spank me. I want to see that precious vein on his forehead throb with rage.

As much as Braxton tries to break his Bunny she doesn’t ever give in. As a matter of fact, she relishes in his anger – it’s a turn on actually. He can’t figure her out and it’s driving him crazy with lust, frustration and admiration. This toy is different and its scaring him.


Watching Braxton try and try again to break an already broken spirit was captivating. Bunny was always a step ahead of him. Instead of breaking her, it awakened her. It made her want to face her past demons and conquer them. As for Braxton, his hard exterior starts to slowly crumble. But what happens after six months? Will Braxton discard her like his previous toys? What happens when Jessica’s past collides with her present?

As I said before, this story was flawless. It never faltered and kept my interest from page one to very last page. I even shed a few tears reading that epilogue. This was dark, sexy and oh so fucking good. HIGHLY recommend!!!

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  1. Looks like this book has to be not so bad. But I really don't know if I'd like to read it. One writer tha always helps me to write my essay says that there is to much sexual content in nowadays literature.