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The Edge of Never (Edge of Never #1) by J.A. Redmerski

Twenty-year-old Camryn Bennett had always been one to think out-of-the-box, who knew she wanted something more in life than following the same repetitive patterns and growing old with the same repetitive life story. And she thought that her life was going in the right direction until everything fell apart.

Determined not to dwell on the negative and push forward, Camryn is set to move in with her best friend and plans to start a new job. But after an unexpected night at the hottest club in downtown North Carolina, she makes the ultimate decision to leave the only life she’s ever known, far behind.

With a purse, a cell phone and a small bag with a few necessities, Camryn, with absolutely no direction or purpose boards a Greyhound bus alone and sets out to find herself. What she finds is a guy named Andrew Parrish, someone not so very different from her and who harbors his own dark secrets. But Camryn swore never to let down her walls again. And she vowed never to fall in love.

But with Andrew, Camryn finds herself doing a lot of things she never thought she’d do. He shows her what it’s really like to live out-of-the-box and to give in to her deepest, darkest desires. On their sporadic road-trip he becomes the center of her exciting and daring new life, pulling love and lust and emotion out of her in ways she never imagined possible. But will Andrew’s dark secret push them inseparably together, or tear them completely apart?
Five Emotional Stars

“You dwell on the past, you can’t move forward. Spend too much time planning for the future and you just push yourself backwards, or you stay stagnant in the same place all your life.” His eyes lock on mine. “Live in the moment…” 

**Wipes tears** It’s 8:00am on my day off and I’m compelled to write this now before I break down. I couldn’t fall back asleep so I decided to finish this. Yea, it was a mistake to read the last 20% this early in the morning. I was sobbing like an idiot; hyperventilating in bed while my poor hubs is trying to sleep. Nope. I had to get up; had to get my ass up and write this review now. 

Oh, my God. I don’t even know where to begin when trying to describe how much I loved this story. Definitely one of the best reads of the year. There were so many things about it that spoke directly to me, especially in the beginning. After about the fifty percent mark, the story did a complete one eighty and the tone was different. Weird thing was that it wasn’t a turn for the worse. As the story progressed, it became more of a dream and my heart was aching. I found myself sighing more, smiling more and I became entranced. I’m babbling like a moron and I apologize, but I just don’t know how to accurately review this to give it the justice it strongly deserves. 

That itch in my brain compelled me to get up. And so I did. It told me to put on my shoes, pack a small bag with a few necessities and grab my purse. And so I did.
There was no logic or any sense of purpose except that I knew I had to do something other than what I was doing, or I might not make it through this. 

Just re-reading that above line does things to me. God! There were so many times, past and present, where I can completely relate to that. The itch just to get up and go anywhere is so enticing. No plans, no direction…just go. This is exactly what Camryn does. She has a slight case of OCD, her current job is mundane and she just fought with her long time best friend. Something had to change: The suffocation became unbearable. So she decides to hop on the bus and just go…somewhere,anywhere, but here. This is where she meets Andrew Parrish.

The heart, although reckless and suicidal and a masochist all on its own always gets its way. 

Andrew. Seriously. Just…SIGH!. I’ve found another favorite book boyfriend. When I first met him, my initial thoughts of him were: Charming, devilishly handsome and a bit quirky. Okay, maybe “quirky” isn’t really the right word, but there’s just something about him that gives him, I don’t know, a little umph. Does that make any sense? No? Drat. Anyway, that was my initial assessment. After riding on the bus with him a little more, we get to find out that he’s also protective and very Alpha. He’s smitten with Camryn and wants to crack her. He knows she’s hiding something and wants to know what. He shouldn’t care, really. He has his own big bad demons to deal with. He’s on his way to his father’s deathbed. He’s holding back so many emotions and not just about his father. He has a secret of his own. 

He doesn’t want to care about Camryn, but finds himself drawn to her. They have a commonality. Camryn is on the same end doesn’t understand her connection with Andrew. It’s scaring her, she doesn’t do attachments, not since Ian’s death. But these two cannot deny the inevitable. They were meant to be, plain and simple. Finally when these two finally realize what they have, the whole book just takes on another explosive level….like eye popping, jaw dropping…HOLY SHIT! he just did not say that!

“If you were to let me fuck you, you would have to let me own you.” 
“SAY IT! Son-of-a-bitch,” he says, exasperated, “just say it!”

“I want you to own me!” 

FUCK. ME. Ummm…yea. I have no words. Just take my word for it when I say this is when things get…err…more interesting. 

Seriously, just read this. This is another fine example of why I love to read. It’s a way to escape the monotony of reality. I was on that bus with Andrew. I felt everything Camryn did. I was on cloud nine by the time they made their beautiful plans towards the end of the book, but just as quickly, the cloud burst and I was left numb. I so did not see that coming at all! Just be ready for some amazing emotional twists. LOVED IT!

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