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Rock Star (Groupie #2) by Ginger Voight

"Rock Star" is the highly anticipated sequel to Ginger Voight's Rock and Roll Rubenesque saga, which began with the sizzling debut of "Groupie." For those who have been anxious to see what has become of Andy, Vanni and Graham... buckle your seat belts. You're in for a thrilling new ride right through the dark underbelly of fame. 

In the second book in the series, readers get insight into the mind of the romantic hero, Giovanni Carnevale, as he reaches the pinnacle of success as a world wide rock star. Everyone wants a piece of him, but all he wants is the one thing he can't have. He's angry and he's entitled, with ample opportunity to make really bad decisions. The combination proves explosive.

Andy must watch from the sidelines as her beloved Vanni falls victim to grifters, scandals and alcoholism thanks to this self-destructive behavior. Things come to an emotional head when his estranged father comes on the scene just when Vanni thinks things can't get any worse.

Darkness shadows Graham Baxter as he begins his journey as a paraplegic. The powerful mogul bitterly handles this new vulnerability by lashing out at the people who could help him the most. He needs Andy more than ever, pulling her in yet another hopeless direction. Andy is put in the impossible situation of keeping the most important promise she has ever made, or saving the man that she can't help but love.

Author Ginger Voight turns up the scandals, secrets, passion and heartbreak to 11 in a very Jackie Collins type of way. Flawed characters face excess and all the pitfalls that entails. They fight as hard as they can to hold onto anything real in the fake world of celebrity.
Four Stars

**Do not read the following until you’ve read book one, Groupie. There are minor spoilers below.**

He was her drug. He always had been. And until that very moment neither of them realized that she was his as well. He couldn’t get enough. He could never get enough. 

It took me TWO attempts to read this. Two. Why? Well the first time I started to read this, it was immediately after reading Groupie (book #1). If you read my review, you know it was angst on steroids! I knew I shouldn’t have immediately jumped to this book, but I really couldn’t help it. I’m a masochist and I wanted to continue the torture. Unfortunately at 25% into this book, I had enough and wrote:

“Ok. That's it. I just uttered my safe word. I couldn't take the pain anymore. I'm broken, but I am determined to finish this crazy ass story, only after book three, The Mogul, comes out in February. **sigh** I feel slightly better, but my iPad is telling me to SUCK IT UP and FINISH THIS SHIT ALREADY. FUCK!!” 

So it took me 20 days to return to this book. I figured I’d suck it up and take it like an adult. I read this pretty fast, too. I figured it’s like ripping off a band aid, you know, to lessen the pain, but unfortunately the story still stung like a bitch. 
He snarled as he thought of Graham. Lucky bastard. He had money. He had power. He’d already had two other wives. And now he had Andy too. 
After what transpired at the end of book one, Vanni was one hot mess. He couldn’t cope with what happened and started to spiral out of control. The beginning of the book was a tough pill for me to swallow. Watching Vanni lose it was very difficult to read. (Hence why I stopped reading at first.) When I emailed the fabulous Ginger Voight to vent out my frustration, she basically told me that after Vanni’s treatment of Andy in most of book one, he wasn’t ready to be worthy of Andy…yet. He had to hit rock bottom first. She explained it further by saying:
“Vanni's about to get totally bitch-slapped through fate. It'll level him to the point he'll realize he's been a complete dumbass, but it'll come at a huge cost to him with something that will spill over into the next book with explosive consequences. BUT, the plus side of that is that he'll realize he needs Andy on a fundamental level beyond just a romantic partner. He'll realize he's alone in this world without her. It's an eye-opening moment for him."
This helped me tremendously when powering through this story. Especially when Andy kept see-sawing back and forth between he and Graham. 

“Tell me you love me,” he begged as he slipped between her legs under her skirt.
“I love you,” she muttered in an incoherent whisper.
“Tell me you don’t love him,” he persisted…
“Tell me,” he pleaded…
“You do love him,” he finally said. “Don’t you?” She didn’t answer. “Don’t you!”

As much as I love the concept of two 
strong, sexy Alpha males fighting over me, I would NOT want to be in Andy’s shoes. She is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She’s in love with two completely different men, for two completely different reasons. As much as I adored Vanni, he was mostly an ass to Andy in book one. As for Graham, I fell in love with him and was devastated at what happened to him. This book once ripped me apart, just like book one did. My heart was all over the place. Each man claimed that they needed Andy, but the answer to who needed Andy more was never really quite answered. It was so difficult to not feel for the other. My heart just broke. 
“But unfortunately the road to hell really is paved with good intentions.” 
We meet a couple new characters in this book, too. We meet Maggie, the nurse helping Graham with his rehabilitation. She was awesome, plus it helps that she’s a nurse like me. What’s not to like? Then there’s Leo…yea, he’s just a total sleaze ball. And then there’s Holly. Ugh! My bitch-radar immediately went off when we meet her. She was too good, but I knew there was a side to her that I knew I wasn’t going to like. Makes me wonder what’s up her sleeve in the next book. 

Just remember, this a very tough series to read, but I give mad props to Ginger for writing a story that will make you swoon one minute and then make you scream “bloody murder” the next. It’s that emotional. I wonder what book three, The Mogul, has in store? Hmmm…can’t wait to find out :)

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