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Vice, Virtue & Video (Vice & Virtue #2) by Bianca Giovanni

Lola Caraway is an intelligent but inexperienced college grad living two doors down from her long-time best friend, porn superstar James Laird, in California. Though their worlds are different, the two lead normal lives until a sadistic producer sets her sights on Lola and James learns the difference between kinky fun and real danger before he's forced to face his true feelings for his best friend
4.5 Stars

I've never needed love before in my life, just a good time, but I need her to love me because I'm so fuckin' crazy in love with her.

This was such a impromptu read. I was surfing Smashwords, looking for some good freebies to feed my Kindle when I come across this series. Before reading this, you must read the three previous short stories first. I downloaded all three, plus this one, for free and I'm so happy I did. The short stories, though enjoyable and very fast reads, was nothing compared to this. I felt like I got to know the characters first and was able to connect with them better. By the time I got to this full novel, I was primed and ready for these two to finally hook up.

My whole persona is being stripped away and I feel totally raw and exposed standing here in front of her and praying that she really does love me. 

James is a famous porn actor and his best friend, Lola, is as innocent as they come. They've been best friends since they were little, but never pursued anything more at risk of ruining their friendship. Nothing was ever going to come in between them, not even after some of their lustful moments. James was always a ladies' man, while at the same time, always threatened any guy who came after Lola. He’s very protective of her and feels like no man will ever deserve her, least of all himself. His career never bothered him or Lola; after all they’re just friends and have been supportive of one another from day one. Their friendship means everything to them, but they've been denying their true feelings for a long time. How much longer can they resist? 

"I've never been in love before and I have no idea what you're supposed to do and how you're supposed to handle things. This emotion has been a really weird one for me because I'm used to getting physical, but I'm not used to anything real - anything that feels all intimate and deep like this. I need you so bad, Lo. Not having you around, not being able to see your face...it's been like torture for me. You're like the air in my lungs and I need you to survive." ~ James 

I really enjoyed this story. It was so sweet. I loved reading about their long term friendship blooming into more. They tip-toed around and experimented enough with each other to know they had chemistry and when they finally got together…the world seemed so much better :) I still can’t believe this was free read. I love that feeling of picking up a new and unknown book and find something totally awesome. I really hope the author decides to write more about these two. 

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