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ARC Review: The Suicide Princess by Anthony Bryan

"Not your mother's romance, this is an erotic thriller that will leave you breathless and have you begging for more..."

Stephanie Bradford is a young, attractive, and successful District Attorney on her way to the top. She has the near-perfect life, with an amazing husband, and she has it all in the palm of her hand. When her marriage falls into a romantic rut, Stephanie is skillfully swooned by a charming, mysterious and intriguing stranger who looks to be the answer to all of her fantasies. A whirlwind and erotic affair quickly spirals out of control, and before long, she learns that things aren’t always as they appear and people are rarely who they seem. One poor decision becomes the catalyst for a series of events that rips her life apart, and Stephanie is left with nothing but the thirst for revenge against the man who viciously stole everything from her. The Suicide Princess is a sexually charged roller coaster ride where nothing is as it seems and everything is at stake!

Release Date: October 13, 2013

 3.5 - 4 Stars

Secrets, Lies, Sweet Revenge!

An unsatisfied wife. A charming and mysterious stranger. A secret, steamy affair.

Meet Stephanie Bradford. Her career as Assistant District Attorney is taking off. The romance in her marriage...eh...not so much. Although she communicates with her husband, Jacob, what her needs are, he still leaves her frustratingly unsatisfied. Stephanie really wants to be someone's “bad girl” though. The handsome stranger she met one day left her very much intrigued. Little did she know that meeting Derrick would lead her down a pleasurable but dark and dangerous path.

The Suicide Princess is a standalone read for mature audiences (18+) seeking an erotic escape. It is most definitely a quick read with plenty of steamy, tantalizing scenes. If you like reads with Dom/sub themes, threesomes, explicit language and naughty texts, then this would be right up your alley. I'll be honest and say that Stephanie was hard for me to like; however, the author does take her down an alluring yet self-destructive road that had quite a few unexpected turns.

The Suicide Princess is also a mystery/thriller which seems to start rolling after about 100 pages. Once the mystery started playing out, I was kept on the edge and couldn't stop reading! This part I really loved, and I think Anthony Bryan did a fantastic job incorporating all the secrets, lies and twists into a wonderful tangled web. The plotting and revenge parts were so very sweet!

I sense great things to come from this author! I will keep an eye out for what comes next from Anthony Bryan.

Favorite quote:
Leave your shoes on. Always leave your shoes on.”

This quote reminds me of the cover. Every bad girl needs a pair of shoes like those!

*A complimentary copy was provided by the author for an honest review.*

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