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Love Plus One (G-Man #2) by Andrea Smith

A year ago 19-year-old Lindsey Dennison's life took an abrupt turn. While away at Cornell for her freshman year at college, her parents' marriage imploded. Lindsey learned the harsh truth about her father, and his involvement in criminal activity. He'd slipped out of the country with his lover on the eve of his arrest, deserting his only child. Lindsey was left trying to pick up the pieces of the life she now realized had been a house of secrets and lies for all of those years.

After her mother's second marriage relocates her from Indianapolis to Washington, D.C., Lindsey decides to start fresh at a new college closer to where her mother, step-father and baby brother Bryce are now living. Life is different now for Lindsey, but it's about to change even more. Trace "Taz" Matthews, an FBI agent is about to rock her world in more ways than one. Taz is a confirmed man-whore but Lindsey has a problem she's certain he can fix . . . but will he?

Despite their best efforts, Lindsey and Taz are tossed together by fate on more than one occasion, and this G-Man doesn't appreciate the distraction. Issues at home with her mother suddenly cause Lindsey's life to become increasingly complicated. There's a budding romance on the horizon for Lindsey with a wealthy and attractive guy she meets at school; but things are never quite as they seem. Lindsey will learn a brutal lesson about trust, compassion and strength. Taz will learn lessons about love, intimacy and honor, and that sometimes doing the right thing has consequences.

This book is intended for mature audiences.
Warning: Explicit Sex, contains rape scene.

Wow!!! I am really loving the G-Man series!! They just keep getting better and better!

If I thought that I couldn't love this story more than Diamond Girl's story of Slate and Sammie, imagine my fucking surprise at how over the moon I now am for Lindsay and Taz!! So much so that I finished it practically in one sitting!

At first I had a little issue with this smoking hot guy with a stupid name like Taz, but I quickly got over it! We met Lindsay in Diamond Girl, she is Sammie's 19 year old daughter and Taz, who is Slate's FBI buddy, and consequently a tad older than Linds at 28. Who cares...age is just a number, but then there is the issue of Taz being a bit of a man whore and oh yeah, Lindsay still having her pesky V card!! :)

Lindsay offers herself up to Taz and he accepts until of course he discovers she is a virgin and declares there is no way he is going there! Breaks her heart a bit but Lindsay is a tough chick and picks her self up and moves on. Go girl! But life constantly throws them together until there is no denying there is something between them that they can't ignore. Soooo...some hot sex and dirty talking later, they are making it work!

However, being that her man and her step-father are FBI you know there is some suspense/drama thrown in there. It's a good idea to read Diamond Girl before this one so that you are better able to follow the story and the drama that unfolds. In the end, Lindsay is kidnapped and horribly brutalized before Taz can get to her, which of course is when he realizes that he is madly in love with her. No worries though, as always(well mostly) a HEA is delivered!! We have to wade through some pain and heartache first but it all works out...or so we believe! I know there are more to come in this series and still some loose ends left out there so I guess we will have to wait and see how it all ends! 

I will definitely be right there to get me some more smokin' hot, dirty talkin' G-Men!!

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