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Jackson Rule by Dinah McCall


Jackson Rule had spent nearly half his life behind bars for murder. Now he was starting over-or trying to. Once he laid hungry eyes on his new employer, though, his resolve to lead a simple, solitary life deserted him, replaced by yearnings for fierce, forbidden passion. 


Preacher's daughter Rebecca Hill was raised to give folks the benefit of the doubt--though maybe this time she'd taken charity a bit too far. True, Jackson Rule had paid his debt to society, and was a hard, honest worker. What threatened to undo her was the sheer burning desire she felt in his presence, and the sinking feeling that her heart would be his captive forever.

3.75-4 Stars

“Be careful, lady.” His voice was harsh as his hands raked through her wet, tangled hair, bringing her face closer to his own. 
“Of what?”
“Of this.” He cupped her hips with his hands and lifted her off her feet. “Of that.” His groin had swelled in one huge ache and was pressing into her flesh. “Of me.” 

I needed a break from my current read and decided to pick this up. I’m not really sure why I decided to, but I think I just needed some good ole fashioned predictable drama, especially one that involved redemption and second chances. I love these types of stories. Yes, this involved an ex-con/murderer, but I knew that there was something else to our Hero’s story and I was determined to find out.

And the facts were that he was an ex-con and the woman he wanted was the daughter of a man of God. It was an impossible situation, and Jackson knew it. 

An ex-con and a preacher’s daughter. Yea, you know there was going to be some drama in this book. Jackson Rule was just released from prison after serving fifteen years for shooting his father. The thing about it is, if you’d ask him if he’d do it all over again, he’ll tell you without a doubt, yes, he would. His father was very abusive to him and his sister. One day, it all came crashing down. Now he’s out, he wants nothing more than to make a life for himself and hopefully rekindle the relationship he had with his sister, who has been in a mental health facility all these years after the murder. He is determined to find a job, but being an ex-con, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy. 

He lowered his lips and she forgot to move. And when they connected with her lips, she forgot to breathe. 
Gently. Coaxing. Taking. Giving.
His mouth moved from one pleasure to another until Rebecca lost all track of place and time. 

Who was this man that suddenly appeared in Rebecca’s life. She’s never met such a contradiction. Jackson doesn’t seem to be at all what he’s pegged to be. A murderer? An ex-con? Yes and yes. However she saw something more in Jackson, especially after he saved her life more than once. Her father is always preaching about forgiveness and after his heroic display, she easily decided to take the risk and hired Jackson to help around her greenhouse. The fact that was what he was didn’t faze her. Nope, she’s as strong willed as they come. She wasn’t surprised that he was a model worker, hardworking and honest. What she didn’t expect is the chemistry brewing between her and Jackson. 

Jackson however, knew he was never going to be good enough for a woman like Rebecca. He wouldn’t risk the type of scrutiny she would endure if they decide to make their working relationship into something more. No. He would stand his ground. He will fight his feelings. He could never live with himself if her reputation was to be tainted by a man like him. So begins the battle of wills.

“I love you, Rebecca Hills, more than you will ever know.”
He wasn’t certain, but he imagined that he heard her whisper “thank God” right before the kiss. 

Like I said, I really enjoyed stories like this. I’m happy Rebecca believed in Jackson and never gave up on him no matter what her father or her friends say. There were only a couple drawbacks that prevented me from loving this read. One: Needs more steam. (Yes, I have issues, but you already knew that.) Two: It seemed like it took the two forever to finally get together. The story wasn’t slow or anything, but it really could’ve helped if things moved along faster. As for the ending, well, that was a bit of a shock, but no worries, it ended happily. Overall, a very good contemporary read. 

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