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Blog Tour ~ Christmas in Tahoe by Elisabeth Barrett Guest Post, Review & Giveaway!

We are so excited to have Elisabeth Barrett stop by with a special holiday guest post today!  The giveaway details are down below.

Holiday Traditions by Elisabeth Barrett

No matter what holidays you celebrate, around this time of year, it seems like everyone has their own traditions. One friend of mine savors each and every holiday card she receives and creates a beautiful “tree” out of them which she displays year-round. Another friend meticulously wraps her gifts in newsprint with stories she thinks the recipient will enjoy.
I have traditions of my own. For instance, I love gingerbread, and every year, I simply must decorate a gingerbread house. Before I had kids, I’ll admit to feeling a little sheepish buying a kit for myself, but now I don’t have to hide my obsession—I get to share it with children who are just as excited (if not more so) than I am! There’s nothing quite like assembling the cookie house, tilting the pieces just so to ensure that nothing tips over. Or swiping a “broken” candy cane to eat. Or making sickly sweet icing from that little plastic bag ooze all over the base to create a snowy walkway (which of course you get to eat after it has hardened).
I also love the decorations—not just my own, but those in my neighborhood. There’s nothing quite like driving around in the dark with the heat on, oohing and ahhing over all the amazing lights and displays. One street in my town is nicknamed “Christmas Tree Lane,” and every year, Mr. B and I drive over with the kids to gape at the incredible spectacle—houses all decked out in full holiday glory with dancing snowmen, galloping reindeer, and a giant Santa popping out of the chimney. It’s quite the sight.

My most important holiday tradition, however, is simply spending time with family. I can’t think of anything better than spending time with those I love.
In my holiday novella CHRISTMAS IN TAHOE, being with family over a long Christmas weekend isn’t in the cards for the main characters Ann and Chase. Ann is recovering from a devastating personal loss, and Chase is recovering from a devastating professional one. Yet there’s something about Tahoe, especially over Christmastime, that brings out the best in both of them. As they learn to move past their respective hurts, they find comfort in each other and learn to trust and love again.
And isn’t being with loved ones what the holidays are truly all about?

Silicon Valley actuary Ann Smith is an expert at calculating probabilities, but lately the odds haven’t been in her favor. Two years ago her fiancé died a week before their planned Christmas wedding, leaving Ann heartbroken and alone. When a friend suggests heading up to Lake Tahoe for a long Christmas weekend of skiing, wine, and relaxation, Ann thinks it might be just the thing to help get her life back on track. But Ann’s plans go awry when her friend cancels at the last minute, and Ann ends up driving to Tahoe with Chase Deckert, a sexy snowboarder who pushes all her buttons.

Chase Deckert is a man who lives by his own rules. A few years ago his business partner betrayed him by selling out their biomedical research for a quick profit. Chase left science far behind, and now spends his days snowboarding in Tahoe, wanting nothing to do with the dog-eat-dog world of Silicon Valley. Chase has closed his mind and his heart and only believes in one thing: fate. But fate seems to be in a giving mood, because joining him for Christmas is a brave, beautiful woman who shows him the true meaning of the season and helps him rediscover a part of himself he’d long forgotten.

Fueled by the mountain scenery, the season, and their unbelievable chemistry, Ann and Chase end up learning more about each other—and themselves—than they ever imagined possible. Can one long, steamy Christmas help them realize they’re meant to be together? Or when the holiday is over will they be right back where they started?

Five Stars

Sign me up for one of Chase Deckert's snowboarding lessons, please!

I don't know about you, but when the holiday season is in full swing, I tend to be in the mood for some romantic holiday reads! Christmas in Tahoe was everything I wanted, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I truly enjoyed this novella.

Ann Smith is still mourning the loss of her fiancé, who had passed away around Christmastime a few years back. It's been hard for her to move on, and understandably so, the holiday season tends to not be a merry one. Ann and her friend make plans for a fun getaway in Lake Tahoe during Christmas, but at the last minute her friend can't make the trip and instead sends someone else to accompany Ann.

Oh, y'all need to meet Chase Deckert! He's one hunky snowboarder, and ultra SMART...PhD level smart! I find that combo in a man really HOT! Although bio-tech companies are after his research, there's a huge reason why he left Silicon Valley. He was all set to spend Christmas alone until a friend asked for a favor. Once Chase gets to know Ann, he realizes she's no plain Jane! She totally surprises him that she can handle her skis, and they continue to have a fun time together.

The setting in Tahoe was delightfully written. I felt like I was transported to the top of the snowy mountain with Chase and Ann. It's a perfect place for romance to blossom. Ms. Barrett also injects some local San Francisco Bay Area flair into this story, which made me smile! Chase and Ann are two broken souls. I love it when people get a second chance at happiness! Christmas in Tahoe is sexy, smart, and filled with the perfect amount of holiday spirit! Roxy, the black lab is adorable, too!

*A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.*

About the author:
Elisabeth Barrett lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and spends her days teaching, editing, writing sexy contemporary romance, and enjoying time with her sometimes-bearded husband and three spirited children. She is constantly perfecting her home-work-writing juggling act, but in her free time she loves to hike open space preserves, grow orchids, bake sweet things her husband won’t eat, and sing in grand choruses.

To thank you for stopping by, let me know whether you are able to spend your holidays with loved ones, and one commenter will be randomly selected to win a digital copy of CHRISTMAS IN TAHOE! Good Luck!
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  1. I will be spending Christmas with some of my family in Florida but I also have family back in Ohio.

  2. I'm fortunate that all of my family lives in town so I will definitely be able to see them all :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. most of my loved ones live very close so we spend most of our holidays together and i love it

  4. Thank you for the giveaway! Yes, I am able to spend the holidays with my family. I'm especially fortunate to spend it with my son (: