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Axel (Corps Security #1) by Harper Sloan

Note from the author--This book is intended for a mature reading audience and isn't suitable for younger readers. Brash language, sexual hotness, delectable alpha males, some violence and adult situations are all over this book--you have been warned. 

Fate hasn’t always been friends with Isabelle West. In fact, fate has been a downright bitch.

Isabelle has learned the hard way how hard life can be when fate isn’t by your side. It can hand you dreams on silver platters, but it can snatch them right back and hand you nightmares. One thing Isabelle knew for sure fate was consistent with was taking away everything she ever loved.

For the last two years Isabelle has been slowly clearing the clouds of her past. Happiness is finally on the horizon. She has a thriving business, great friends, and her life back. All she has to do is jump over the last hurdle…her ex-husband.

When problems start causing her to fear her new life, and memories that are better left forgotten start rushing to the surface the last thing she needs is a ghost from her past to come knocking on her door. 

Axel never thought he would look into the eyes of Isabelle West again, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to now. He’s carried his anger for so long he isn’t sure he can just turn it off, but when he is faced with protecting her and an unexpected desire to have her again, life gets a little more complicated.

How will Axel and Isabelle deal when all their cards are put on the table and everything they thought was true blows up in their faces?

3.5 Stars

She was mine.
She is mine.
She will always fucking be mine. 

I LOVE stories that contain Uber Alpha badass Heroes; I’m just a sucker for them. This book has been on my radar for a while now, and with it’s many raving reviews, I figure now is a good time to pick it up. 

This girl ripped my heart to fucking shreds and I never knew why. It would have been quicker if she had stuck around and shot me in the fucking chest. AT least I would have died instantly, instead of bleeding out slowly for the last twelve years. 

Izzy and Axel were high school sweethearts. The moment Axel laid eyes on Izzy, he knew she was it. They were as close as two people can be; they were deeply in love. When Axel had to leave to join the Marines, he promised Izzy that he would be back to get her. 

Axel has to make his own way in the world. Raised in a foster home, he never felt like he amounted to anything. It wasn’t until Izzy and her family welcomed him into their lives. He loved her, but when he came back a few months after he left, she was no longer there. He searched all over for her, only to find out that she was married. He never knew why she abandoned him; he was left heartbroken, as well as pissed. 

“You really think that once I bury myself deep within your pussy and feel your tight walls squeezing the come right out of my dick, that I will ever want to let you go again? You must be out of your fucking mind, Princess. I won’t even be able to let you out of my fucking bed until we make up for every single day we have lost.” 

Izzy has always loved Axel, never stopped loving him actually. She never truly loved her husband Brandon, and only married him because she thought Axel was dead (blame Axel’s foster mother…what a bitch!) To top it all off, her husband is an abusive monster. With the help of her best friend, Dee, she has the courage to finally leave him. Unfortunately, two years after separating, Brandon still hasn’t finalized their divorce. He will never leave her alone. 

There’s only so much Izzy can do. She’s lucky she has Dee and Greg in her life. Greg is her best guy friend and he is one tough former Marine. He will do anything to protect his friend. Greg decides to enlist the help of his Marine friends. This is where things get interesting. Little does Greg know, but his Marine friend is none other than Axel. 

“Missed you…so fucking much, Princess.” 

This story was very predictable, but still enjoyable. As much as I LOVED Axel’s Alpha awesomeness, which I just fucking ate up, I could only give it 3.5 stars. The biggest reason why I couldn’t give it more was because of Izzy. Ok, I know she’s had it tough, especially with Brandon and her belief that Axel was gone forever. I understand why she’s messed up, but seriously…I’ve never met a heroine who cried as much as she did. Not only that, but she gets stupid drunk (a lot) which makes her even cry more. Ugh. Annoying. 

Another pet peeve of mine was how long it took for these two tofinally clear the air. OMG! It took forever! I kept yelling at Izzy to just COMMUNICATE already!! Yes, I singled out Izzy because Axel was all about straightening things out. Izzy? Not so much. She did everything she could to avoid Axel and thus prolonging the inevitable. Again, annoying. Anyway the story wasn’t perfect, but it was still an entertaining read. I will definitely enjoy Greg’s story next. I LOVE GREG CAGE!!

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