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New Release Teaser: Good Intentions (Welcome to Paradise #2) by S.L. Scott

Good Intentions
S.L. Scott
Series: Welcome to Paradise #2
Genre: Contemporary-New Adult
Length: 247 pages
Release Date: September 5, 2013 

Two words sum up my summer in paradise—Evan Ashford.

I have a life back home I must return to, though my heart battles this reality. What started as a carefree summer fling has become so much more. Evan has become so much more. He’s become everything. Cupping his face, I stare into his deep blue eyes, wanting to lose myself once more... needing to know he feels this too.

Although our connection won’t stop the summer’s end from rushing toward us or silence the demons Evan battles, I have faith our love can overcome the obstacles that will undoubtedly arise from us choosing to be together. I still worry… Will our good intentions be good enough? But I’m all in, willing to take the risk, knowing he can destroy my heart if I’m wrong.

Like a riptide, I was forever changed by one woman—Mallory Wray.

Our eyes meet and we spend a moment looking into the others’, reading the fear and the love that mingles within. I move slowly down and kiss her forehead, her nose, her eyelids, her cheeks, and her chin before I kiss her lips again—soft and gentle, not rushed, but sensual. She smiles and I die inside knowing that I won’t get to see her face every day. I’ve been spoiled by this sweet angel giving me all her days and nights. I possessively take hold of her wrists and like so many times before, the air stills as our connection intensifies. I can’t help myself when it comes to her.

I kiss her.

Rain pours down harder and I wrap my arms around her, engulfing her body, her love, her soul.


The top is down and the evening is breathtaking as we drive along the coast on our way back to his place. I unclasp my seatbelt and stand with my hands in the air, the wind whipping around me as I scream freely into the wild Hawaiian breeze. Giddy happiness is coursing through my veins. Life is better than ever.

I plop back down in my seat while appreciating Evan.

“What?” he asks, smiling back.

“Just admiring.” He laughs to himself, a little embarrassed by the attention. I’m hot and horny for the boy and if I want to eye fuck him, I will. Speaking of fuck, “Have you ever had sex in this car?”

He tilts his head and looks at me like I’m being ridiculous. “No, this is my caaarrrr.” He drags out the last word like that thought is unfathomable.



“Yeah. Ooh.” I drag my finger leisurely down his leg, insinuating so much more, and trail it back up. When I reach the top of his thigh, I flatten my hand and push forward, rolling it over his cock, which responds like a pro.

His hand immediately lands on top of mine, stilling it. “What are you doing, baby?”

“Exploring.” I smirk and offer, “Would you rather me explore with my mouth?”

His eyebrows bolt up in surprise, but he quickly collects himself. “Exploring, huh?” Looking back at the road, he says, “We’ll be home in twenty minutes. You want to wait ‘til then?”

“No, I don’t.”

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