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Breathless by Rose J. Bell

Some truths can leave you breathless...

Two years ago Ree Coleman’s life imploded, when her life was taken away from her. Now Ree is a "living dead girl", trying to survive each day, when it’s just a struggle to breathe. 

After the unexpected death of her father, Ree and her family lose everything. As they are forced to leave the rich Upper East Side, they find themselves living in the slums of Bronx. Ree must figure out ways for her family to get by, and she tries to accept her father’s death. However, his death prompts many questions, including what really happened to him. 

Meanwhile she meets Logan Marquez, a boy with a dangerous reputation. Knowing that boys are dangerous, Ree tries to stay away from him, but Logan insists on trying to earn her trust and friendship. 

Soon, dark and dangerous secrets are revealed, and one explosive secret will shatter both their worlds.

Due to heavy subject matter, graphic scenes and sexual content this book is intended for mature readers.

4.5 Stars

Don’t let your past define your future. 

Wow. Just…wow. I cannot believe that this author is only eighteen years old. First off, I have to say a big THANK YOU to Ms. Bell for offering me a copy of her book to read and review. I was hesitant at first, but in the end, I’m so thrilled I gave it chance. This story is far from typical. It will tear you up, beat you senseless, spit you out and leave you for dead. But no matter how dire things got, you couldn’t help but continue on; you had to find out where it’ll all end. Is there a happy ending? Can there be happy ending? After all the horrid events in her life, can Ree escape the never-ending nightmare? 

Scars are the threads that hold me together. I am scar tissue. 

Ree has been through hell. At seventeen years old, she was kidnapped, tortured and raped. She escaped her nightmare, only to be thrust into a whole new other one. Two years later, she is still hallow inside; she is and never will be the same person she was pre-abduction. Those three months she spent with the man she calls Psycho have reshaped her life, and not in a positive way.

Her trust in men: destroyed. 
Her ability to trust: practically nil. 
Her relationship with her father & family: strained. 
Her life as a whole: empty. 

Ree is not an easy character to like, but you can’t help but feel empathetic towards her. I do not pity her, not even a little. I admire her courage and her strength. I’m going to warn you, your emotions will be put through the wringer. And just when you think there might be a spark of happiness coming her way, she gets thrown underneath a bus some more. However heartbroken I was, I kept going because underneath all the shit she goes through, a spark of hope was there. And his name is Logan. 

“Men breaks hearts. A real man puts the pieces together and would hold your heart like a diamond in his hand.” 

Logan is elite and has earned himself a spot on my ultimate book boyfriend shelf. He is a real man. Only a man like Logan would have the patience to take on someone as damaged as Ree. But then again, his life isn’t all peaches and cream either. He’s lived a tough life, but no matter the curveballs mother nature has dealt him, he still has the ability to see the beauty in being alive. This is what he presents to Ree and this is what eventually breaks through to her. 

“I know that you have been disappointed, but shit and bad things happen, Ree. That’s undeniable. But you don’t live for the bad moments. You shouldn’t let them keep you down. You live and breathe for moments that are beautiful and make you happy. You should live for those moments, Ree.” 

I really enjoyed this book. It was such an emotional and tough read, but it was so worth my time. The story is not straightforward and is not an easy read. It’s one beat down after another. So many twists, turns and new developments always on the horizon. I never knew which way was up. My head and heart were always in a state of panic, but in the overall scheme of things, I wouldn’t change a single thing about this story. If you decide to try this out, just remember to bring your patience. It’ll be worth the ride. 

Author provided copy in exchange for an honest review

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