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Don't Let Go (Dark Erotica #4) by Skye Warren

FBI’s Most Wanted. Psychopath. Secret admirer.

He’s all these things…and I’m going to bring him down. I’m just a junior agent with the FBI, but my past runs deeper and darker than anyone knows. I turned in my own father for heinous, violent crimes. This is what I live for. Except he seems to anticipate my every move. He’s always one step ahead, circling, taunting, and when we finally meet, I’m the one who gets caught.
4.75-5 Stars

“Samantha, love. What makes you think I’d let you leave?”
My eyes fell shut, and the hot tracks down my cheeks didn’t come from the shower. I turned in his arms, blindly, gladly. God. All I’d ever wanted was someone to keep me. To want me, even knowing all my faults. 

“Normal?” he scoffed. “You wouldn’t like me half as much if I were normal. I saw you, I wanted you, I took you. You want me to fucking apologize for that? No. This is how it works. I’m an animal, remember? A monster. You put a slab of fresh meat in front of me, this is what happens.” 

Bravo, Skye. Bravo. 

This is Carlos’ book. Do you know how crazy that sounded when I heard this was happening? If you haven’t read her Dark Erotica Series, then this story might not have the same impact as it did on me. You have to understand: The things Carlos has done in previous books are seriously disturbing and severely cringe-worthy. I honestly did not believe he could be redeemable. Like, at all. However, I was still anxious to see how this series would end. Could I learn to love a man like Carlos? After this book, the answer is a resounding yes. 

I didn’t want those men to hurt me because I liked pain. I wanted them to hurt me because I knew I deserved it all along. 

Samantha is a junior FBI agent who was just handed the assignment of a lifetime. Her mission: To catch the uncatchable Carlos Laguardia. Samantha has come a long way from the little girl who turned her father in for murder. He was a notorious serial killer who killed young boys and girls. She’s always felt remorse for turning him in, but knew she did the right thing. However, that didn’t stop her from feeling the guilt of her betrayal. She’s damaged and very broken. It isn’t surprising that’s she’s always had daddy issues, wanting and hooking up with older men. So when she got partnered up with the sexy, slightly older FBI agent Ian Hennessey, it wasn’t shocking to find her heart and head in a flutter. 

It took more strength to stand beside someone you loved, even when they were wrong. 

Ian Hennessey is an enigma. That’s all I can really say about him. Well that, and he’s unbelievably smart and very good looking. He has a strong reputation in the FBI as the guy you go to when you want to catch the uncatchable. It’s no wonder they assigned him to the case. But why did they partner him up with Sam? She’s a rookie with no experience. Plus with her around, she can easily be a distraction, for her and for whom they are trying to catch. 

“I don’t need your consent,” he murmured.
My swallow felt thick. “You have it.”
“I know.” 

When a mission goes bad, Sam finds herself bound and kidnapped by the madman himself. Her stay with him, though brief, peeled away every layer of her cover, leaving her naked, raw and exposed. She was never the same again. She seeks pain, refuge and love. But where can she find that? Is it with Hennessey? Or is it with Carlos, the man who abducted and freed her? 

My dream wasn’t to be a princess in a castle. I wanted to be Persephone, claimed by the god of the underworld. 

Holy-mother-fucking-shit! This story is beyond fucking amazing. It wasn’t as dark as her previous stories, but it was still dark and the twist in the book was completely crazy!; I’m still left in utter shock. After reading this, I kept thinking about Carlos, pre and post this story. Have you ever seen the Broadway musical Wicked? No? Well, I’m still gonna say this anyway: After seeing that play, I never thought about the Wicked Witch of the West ever the same way ever again. I look back at how she was portrayed in the Wizard of Oz and can’t think of her as The Wicked Witch anymore; I see her as Elphaba, a person and not the monster she was portrayed to be. This is exactly how I see Carlos. I remember at all the horrible and disturbing things he’s done in the previous books and I begin to see his acts differently. My mind is completely blown! Who knew I could feel this way about Carlos? I love this author even more for what she was able to accomplish.

Seriously. Mind. Blown. 

Bravo, Skye. Bravo.

*Author provided copy for honest review.*

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