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Ripping Pages by Rachel Rae

Sweet, shy and a bit goofy, Tinley Michaels has it all: a great mother, a wonderful, sexy, loving boyfriend, and her whole life ahead of her. One day her world is turned upside down when the love of her life suddenly leaves her without reason. She is left broken and vulnerable and vows to never let a man destroy her again. Months later, she decides to dust herself off and finally realize her dream of being a Broadway star. With nothing holding her back, she leaves everything she's ever known in Texas to start her new life in New York City. She moves in with her cousin, makes some great new friends, gets a steady job and an audition for a part in a small theater. Things are heading in the right direction. 

Tinley isn’t looking for anyone. She is jaded but still hopelessly in love with her first love. That’s when, by chance, she meets Van Whitaker, the smooth talking sexy lead singer of the best-selling rock band, Ripping Pages. She labels him a man-whore/rock-n-roll douchebag immediately. Van tries to show her that he’s no longer that guy and that he sees something in Tinley worth trying to be better for. Even though he makes her feel things she’s only read about in the hundreds of romance novels she’s shamelessly addicted to, she is scared he will leave her even more broken than she already is. Should she give this gorgeous rock star the time of day? And what will she do when she comes face to face with her past and she must make a decision that will change her future and her forever?
What happens when the page you ripped from the book of your life suddenly tries to put itself back into the story?
Four Solid Stars

The magic of first love is our ignorance that can never end. ~ Benjamin Disraeli

I was a bit hesitant in picking up this book; it seemed to screamANGST! But something about it drew me in and once I started to read it, I honestly couldn’t stop. I actually read this in one day. As for the angst, it wasn’t as bad as I first pegged it to be. Yes, there was a love triangle of sorts, which I have a love/hate thing going on. I did love the whole hot Rockstar falling for the shy, unassuming heroine; yea, I’m a fan of these types of stories. 

No reason.
No excuses.
He simply bailed on me.
What the hell. 

Tinley’s life is completely turned upside down when her boyfriend, James, just up and leaves her with no warning whatsoever. He was Tinley’s first love and first everything. She was devastated and broken after he left, and her life was never the same again. After months of mourning the loss, she decides to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a Broadway star. So she moves to the Big Apple. With the help of her cousin, Tatum, she starts to acclimate herself into New York City life. Things were looking up for Tinley, especially when she keeps running into a certain sexy stranger; he’s a mystery, but something about him seems familiar and awakens a part of her that died when James left her. 

He didn’t do romance, he fucked like a rock star and then sent you on your way. 
What the hell was I thinking? 

Van Whitaker is the leading singer of the rock band Ripping Pages. He’s the epitome of the typical Rock Star: Sexy, talented and is quite the womanizer. He’s intrigued with Tinley and knows there’s something different something about her. She’s not a groupie and she definitely seems like the relationship type. But does that deter his pursuit of her? Of course not. He’s Van-freaking-Whitaker. However, Tinley has other plans and she doesn’t make it easy. Van screams danger, and she knows better than to fall for him. But alas, as it always goes (and thank God for that), she does eventually give him a chance. 

“You, Tinley, are my new beginning, and I love you more than anything. I’ve never felt this kind of love before. I’ve never felt the way I feel when you’re near me. You bring out the best in me. You make me want to be a good man for you. Just you.” 

Things are looking up for Van and Tinley. They have a strong connection, and are very passionate about each other. However, things start to slowly fall apart when circumstances throws them curve ball after curve ball, especially when Tinley’s ex is suddenly back in her life. Oh what to do, what to do. 

You are my ever after 

This was such an entertaining read. I do love my bad boy rockers and Van was no different. The relationship between him and Tinley was pretty intense and when things take an unexpected turn, you feel their heartache. As far as the love-triangle goes, I did feel a little sympathy for both Van and James, but once secrets start to unravel, the choice between the two became pretty clear (though, for the record, I was Team Van all the way.) The angst was just enough to keep my emotions high, but low enough to not make me want to throw my iPad out the window. Definitely a good Rocker read. 

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