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Frontier Inferno (#CalendarMen 4) by Kate Richards #decadentpub

Title: Frontier Inferno
Author: Kate Richards
Series: Calendar Men #4
Length: Novella, 61 pages
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

For Heather, Castle, Alaska offers many surprises. A new job—as a nanny of all things—a handsome firefighter whose charisma proves a distraction from her plans, and the danger of discovery. Heather may have to hightail it out of Castle and into the wilderness, or risk being dragged back into the very situation she’d fled.

Romance takes a backseat for single dad Chris Elder, while he focuses on his young son and his job as a firefighter/smokejumper in the small community of Castle. But the arrival of the feisty woman from the lower forty-eight may prove more than his resolutions, or his libido, can handle.

Can the magic of Alaska save these two from a lonely future, or will circumstances force them to step back from their Frontier Inferno?

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Five Stars

I think this is my favorite cover thus far in the Calendar Men series!!!

Heather gets off the train at Castle, Alaska in search for work. She immediately meets Billy Elder and his dad. Hello, Mr. April!!! Chris Elder is an Aussie living in Alaska. Should I mention, too, that he's a firefighter/smokejumper? He's a single, hardworking dad who is solid, strapping, and...well, you get the picture (smirks).

I've heard about the abundance of single men in Alaska looking for love. When Chris meets Heather, he is definitely interested and doesn't waste time. The story is fast-paced and entertaining. The small town and people are friendly and welcoming. There's some danger, a tad of mystery surrounding the heroine, and plenty of HEAT! I only have one question. Why can't this charity calendar be real? :)

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