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#Review ~ Underestimated Too (Underestimated #2) by Jettie Woodruff

WARNING. This book contains: explicit sex scenes (some forced, some not), intense situations not meant for the faint of heart, abuse, adult language and content.

Money is not the most important thing in the world; love is - so they say anyway. Fortunately, Drew loves money. He wasn’t capable of loving anything else. The more money he made, the more he needed to make. Always chasing a deal, that was the most important thing in the world to him.

You rode Morgan’s side of the tracks. Now ride Drew’s. You know the things she went through, things nobody should go through. Is Drew sorry for his part in that? Probably not. He’s not sure things would have turned out the way they did had he been the cute little husband the critics expected him to be. He did do things that hurt her and regretted a lot of his choices, but he tortured himself, wanting to do them still.

You think you know Drew? You don’t know squat. You know what his wife has told you. She couldn’t tell you more than that, she doesn’t know that part of Drew. You want a sappy cliché romance? Move on, this isn’t the story for you. You want all the gruesome details? Stick around, and then you can judge Drew.
Ok, I just finished my review for book one but I have more to say! I finished book one at midnight a few nights ago and went right on to this one because I simply couldn't get enough of Drew and Morgan(I finally had to quit for the night at 1:30am because my eyes we crossing) and I wanted to see where this book was going to take their story!

***If you have not read book one please don't continue on, as I don't want to end up giving spoilers.***

When we left Drew and Morgan at the end of book Drew had become a completely different man. He and Morgan we madly in love. He was still a tad controlling and dominating, but that was what Morgan wanted and needed so it's all good. They are living their lives together with their beautiful baby boy, Nicholas and all in all, life is good - on the surface anyway.

I will admit I was shocked as shit when I read the first scene where Drew backhanded Morgan across the face, I actually read it a couple times thinking I was reading it wrong or it was a flashback or something. Nope, that motherfucker was at it again!!

I admit, I was so fucking angry at this, especially when Morgan excused his behavior and made excuses for him!! I was livid!! But then.... I kept reading and although a lot of things in this story bothered me, maybe even more than the first book because I felt like Morgan was just ok with it all, I tried to understand and not be judgy(not sure if that's actually a word, but who cares) - They were going to counseling and working on the root of the issues, which is basically the story here. In this book we get to really know Drew and discover why he is such a fucked up bastard. I grew to love Drew, but I also spent chunks of the story hating him too!!!

Read it! You will know exactly what I mean!!

The bottom line is Morgan and Drew are madly in love, they have specific sexual tastes, and that's ok, they aren't always hearts and flowers and that's ok too. Don't get me wrong, there are HUGE parts of things that go on between them that are NOT OK, but they are a work in progress.

"I'm an imperfect man, and I've made my wife an imperfect woman. We're just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. She will forever be my always."

This book eventually gets it (sorta) HEA as well and I think you will end up loving Drew, even in all his fucked-up-ness whether you want to or not!! Either way I will say again, if you can handle a story depicting the sometimes ugly side of love and relationships and keep an open mind and not judge you are in for a story that will stay with you for a long time after you finish!!

This girl for one hopes we get to visit Drew and Morgan again down the road!! I'm not ready to give them up yet!! :)

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